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How to plan an international solo trip

How to plan an international solo-travel trip? (Step-by-Step)

For a long time, you’ve fantasized about traveling on your own in a foreign country. But how do you plan ...
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Is solo travel expensive

Is traveling alone expensive? (And how to save money)

Short answer – Yes! Most of the costs you incur on the trip will be higher. Rent and transportation are ...
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Is it weird to travel alone

Is it weird to travel alone? (Nope, it’s okay!)

If you’re someone who always loves to be around people, traveling alone can feel weird. But it’s completely normal to ...
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9 Disadvantages Of Solo Travel + How to Overcome Them

Traveling alone has its cons. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking that solo trip you've always dreamed of. With ...
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Is Solo Travel Boring?

Is solo travel boring? Here’s how to make it interesting.

“Is solo travel boring? What if I venture out on my own but get bored?”  This is a valid concern, ...
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12 Best Cafes in Chiang Mai To Visit (Budget included!)

In Chiang Mai, there’s no shortage of good cafes. One of the reasons for that is the presence of a ...
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