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Staycation, Workation

Workation – A New Word & A New Trend

This is a research on the rising trend of workation or staycation. Unlike other blogposts, this is written from the ...
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solo travel, benefits

9 Proven Benefits Of Solo travel!

Traveling itself is a wonderful thing right? It helps us in realizing the importance of exploring, wandering, and most importantly ...
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Travel Quotes

Best Travel Quotes To Inspire You – An Ultimate List

The best travel quotes will inspire you to pick up travel boots & explore the magical places. I know we ...
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What if you miss your connecting flight?

Today all the technological developments have made the world a smaller place. Even though it has made it possible to ...
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India, Myths, Indian population

Myths about India: From The Objective Indian Eye

Over the years, I have met people who believe in certain myths about India. Being an Indian, I know which ...
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Chess travel

Chess & Travel: It’s Not What It Looks Like

“So you play chess & travel for your tournaments. Wow, you get to see so many different places!” is a ...
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An Ultimate Checklist for Things To Do In Nashik!

Nashik, an ancient holy city in Maharashtra is known for a number of things. As Nashik has a long history ...
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Nilkantheshwar Temple, Pune

Nilkantheshwar Temple in Pune – An Excellent Lesson in Indian Mythology

Finally after a 7-month wait, I decided to take my first leisurely outing at Nilkantheshwar Temple in Pune with my ...
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9 Inspiring Travel Documentaries to Binge Watch

In a world full of dramas, comedies, action, rom-com; travel documentaries will always have a special place in our hearts ...
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Travel Fact

19 September 2020

Chatham Sawmill in Andaman is also Asia’s oldest & largest Sawmill.

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