15 Things to do in Ho Chi Minh (on solo trip)

Are you in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam? or you’re planning a solo trip to the city? Here’s a list of 15 places you can explore during your trip!

In the end, you’ll also find a downloadable list of things to do in Ho Chi Minh.

Let’s start now.

1. Explore the Reunification palace (Independence Palace)

Ho Chi Minh City consists of many historical places. One of the most popular is the Reunification Palace. This Palace played a significant role in Vietnamese history. 

It has been one of the oldest palaces since 1975. This place served as the general quarters during the Vietnam War. It looks like a faded building, but there are many interesting things to see inside the Palace. 

You can see bunkers full of ’70s paraphernalia, a strange spy machine, and the general’s private chamber. Even the general’s wife’s perfumes are perfectly preserved. 

The entry price is 40,000 VND per person, which is roughly $2.

Tip: Ask the ticket seller about the next free guided tour.

2. Kayak in the Mekong Delta

The famous Mekong Delta River runs through Vietnam and Cambodia. It appears in history books due to the Vietnam War’s significance to the country. 

You can either plan a riverboat tour or take a kayaking trip through the mangroves to explore the Mekong Delta. 

Depending on how much time visitors can spare, one may travel from Saigon to the various regions of the Mekong on a day cruise in anything from one hour to three and a half hours. 

When taking a boat trip, you can take stops along the route to see local communities, floating river markets, and fruit orchards. 

You can also taste the local cuisine while on the boat. Be careful while enjoying the boat ride as some water animals might harm them. 

The price is around 1,540,175 VND per person or around $60-70 per person. 

3. Visit Cai Be Floating Market

Cai Be Floating market is one of the most authentic day trips to experience. Visit Cai Be with a companion and see its famous market by boat. Shop for handicrafts, treats, fresh flowers, and treats from floating boat stalls at the Cai Be Floating Market. 

Take a seat on one of the moving dining boats and enjoy some regional cuisine. Kayaking through the market is an excellent way to explore it. The option is available with guided tours starting from Saigon. 

Floating market in Ho Chi Minh
A Floating Market | Credits: Tom Darby

4. Get inside the Cu Chi Tunnels

One of the must-do activities in Ho Chi Minh City is to explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, which were dug during the Vietnam War and are perhaps the most well-known war tunnels in history. 

By the time the tunnel was constructed, more than 250 kilometres of tunnels had intersected all over Cu Chi and its surroundings. 

Instead of driving, try something thrilling and enjoy a 1.5-hour speedboat ride to the Cu Chi tunnels. It’s safe for both male and female solo travelers. 

The price is 1,00,000 VND per person or around $5 per person.

5. Rock Climbing in Saigon

Inside the Saigon District, Push Rock Climbing is an exciting sport. The staff is all locals.

This location offers events, live entertainment, and a bar offering ice-cold beer. If you’re looking to get active and a rush of adrenaline, this is the place to go. 

The price is around 2,00,000 VND($10 roughly) per person.

6. See the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Show

Visit the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre to experience one of their various shows. At this show, you’ll get to witness the Vietnamese culture and tradition firsthand.

It’s can be seen in the most popular location in Saigon. 

On a floating watery stage, you can see the puppets perform. The show features live music performed on traditional Vietnamese instruments; however, being entirely in Vietnamese, it is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions. It is one of the safest places to visit for a solo traveler. 

The price is around 200,000 VND or roughly $10 per person.

7. Experience the Bird’s eye view of the streets

There are five districts outside the city limits and 19 inner-city districts. The vast metropolitan area, divided widely, can be challenging to explore and requires multiple taxi rides. 

The bus ticket is valid for the whole day, and travelers can hop off at any of the city’s well-known attractions, such as Ben Thanh Market, the Central Post Office, or Notre Dame Cathedral. 

8. Explore the Rooftop Bars

There are many rooftop pubs to choose from, where travelers can relax after a long day of sightseeing due to the warmer night-time temperatures throughout the year. 

Whether traveling back in time in a historic hotel like the Rex Hotel or partying the night away at the Chill Sky Bar, travelers must take care of their belongings while visiting the town’s bars and clubs. 

9. Visit the temples of the Jade Emperor Pagoda

The Pagoda is more than a century old, and although it isn’t big, it’s packed with beautiful sculptures, each of which has a historical origin. There are several rooms, each of which analyzes and displays images from the Taoist god Jade Emperor. 

He is worshiped in the temple and is considered one of Taoism’s founding deities. A four-meter-tall statue of a general who slew the Green Dragon is still found there. 

You can also visit the Court of Ten Hells, where figures, paintings, and sculptures represent tales of evil.

10. Try out a food tour

A street food tour is a fabulous opportunity to experience the vibrant street culinary tradition in Ho Chi Minh City. It features most of the famous Vietnamese restaurants. 

Travelers can go on walking or rent a motorbike to visit the food tour and learn more about the cuisine while eating the meal with their local guide, which explains the cuisine and ingredients. 

Travelers can go on a street food tour day or night, but the evenings are the most well-liked because the streets are alive with music and fragrances. 

11. Visit the Central Post Office

When inside the Saigon Central Post Office, you’ll experience a sense of being in Europe in the early 1900s. 

The building blends Gothic, Renaissance, and French styles of architecture – great for a photo shoot!

Saigon Central Post Office
The Saigon Central Post Office | Credits: loifotos

Also, it’s one of the oldest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City and is conveniently close to the Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon. It was constructed between 1886 and 1891. 

Keep a budget of around $40 before you visit here.

12. Boating ride to the Mangroves in Can Gio Biosphere Reserve

Traveling to Can Gio Biosphere Reserve and taking a jet boat tour through the mangrove forests takes one and a half hours from Ho Chi Minh City. 

You can try to spot different plant species, fish, shellfish, and invertebrates that are unique to the mangroves in this area. 

Since it’s located in a dense and deep forest, be a little careful while you travel around here. Set a budget of $50 for the boat ride.

13. Cruise through the Saigon River

The Saigon River flows 256 km and passes directly through Ho Chi Minh City. The river is accessible from several locations throughout the city. 

These areas have parks, buildings, and restaurants all along the river. Try something on the sea, such as stand-up paddle boarding, often known as Suping, in addition to activities on land. On the Saigon River, climb to the top of a longboard and navigate the way past well-known city landmarks. 

It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the city’s attractions and beat the heat. The Saigon River cruises are well-liked. Try to take this cruising trip during the sunset. 

However, do note that you must know how to swim before riding the paddle boat. The cost is around 900,00 VND.

14. Visit the Nha Rong Port 

Nha Rong Port is now the Ho Chi Minh Museum, Saigon’s original commercial trading port was located in Ho Chi Minh City, also a port city. 

The harbor was built when France ruled over Vietnam, but in 1979 Vietnam converted the structure into a museum. 

French architecture heavily influenced the construction, but standard features, such as the rooftop’s bent dragon statue, were added later. Today, it is known as ‘Dragon Wharf.’ 

15. Visit the Giang Dien Waterfall 

Drive to the enormous Giang Dien Waterfall via cab, private vehicle, or hired bike. Giang Dien is a large waterfall with many falls falling from the same height. 

It produces a massive natural pool divided into two enormous swimming areas by rocks. There are covered huts and built-in photo possibilities like a bird’s nest chair scattered around the waterfall’s lakes. From Ho Chi Minh City, it takes one to one and a half hours to get to Giang Dien Waterfall. 


Keep this list handy before you take your next solo trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh

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