14 Things to do in Amsterdam on your solo trip!

So you’re traveling to Amsterdam all on your own? And you’re looking for things to do in the city as a solo traveler? You’re at the right place!

In this article, I’m going to reveal a list of 14 things you can do in Amsterdam. In the end, you’ll also find a downloadable checklist attached to this article.

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1. Take a glance at the Van-Gogh museum in Amsterdam

While there are many museums in the city, Van Gogh Museum is perhaps the most anticipated in the entire city of Amsterdam. 

It is the home to some of the masterpieces like the sunflowers and the final works of Vincent Van Gogh before his untimely death. Tickets start from €20 for a single adult. Visit this masterpiece museum for a cultural trip. 

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Van Gogh Museum | Credits: Phong Thanh

It’s not a part of the I amsterdam City Card as of now. More on this you’ll find later in the article.

2. Experience the Amsterdam countryside bike tour

Dutch people are known for traveling around on cycles. When I visited the Netherlands, it was a joy to see the countryside   

Many love the idea of cycling across the Dutch countryside. It’s a beautiful and peaceful ride. 

In this biking experience, there were some pleasant stops along the farmhouse with local cheese and watching the clog-making in action. A tour costs you an average of €32 Euros(with €15 more for a better bike). 

You can check out this Countryside Bike Tour offered by Amsterbike for more details.

3. Visit the Hard rock café in Amsterdam

It’s a rock-n-roll-themed restaurant chain in Amsterdam. You get good burgers here. The atmosphere is with ancient art, music, and good food. It gives you a luxurious vibe. 

So if you’re on a date, this is a ‘safe’ place to be(of course, depending on whether the person likes it).

Keep a budget of €30 per person which you can say is okay considering a city like Amsterdam.   

4. Attain a Dutch pancake cooking class

Doing a Dutch pancake cooking class in Amsterdam is one of the great things to do during solo travel. It is a fascinating workshop, as you have to attend the workshops in your locality. 

The fun part is the shopping, attaining the workshops with your neighbors, and then sharing your piece of cake with others. 

It should cost you around €30. You’ll learn how to make a Dutch pancake, socialize with other people, and have a fun experience. 

5. Take a Segway tour in Amsterdam

When traveling alone, you have a lot of time to sit back and glance at the whole city’s beauty. Riding a Segway is always fun and the whole experience is joyful and calm. 

You get to visit the canals, old buildings, and narrow streets, especially when traveling alone. You might bump into friendly strangers on the way and make new friends too. 

Visiting the best Segway tours in Amsterdam will cost you anywhere between €35-€90. So keep a budget for €100 for this. 

6. Take painting classes at vondelpark atelier 

Are you into arts? Do you love to paint? Then taking the painting class at the Vondelpark atelier is a great way to have more fun on your solo trip to Amsterdam. The instructor is friendly and has a deep knowledge of arts. 

You’ll get to meet and connect with many like-minded people too. 

After you create ‘your masterpiece’, you also get to sell it. It’s a fun part. You get the privilege of selling your masterpiece just on the side of the city canals.

7. Enjoy improv comedy at boom Chicago 

If you are into improv comedy or any unplanned comedy show, you shouldn’t miss Boom Chicago. It is the perfect hang-out place in the evening to have a few bottles of beer and have a good laugh.

It’s improv comedy team with various shows to perform on the stage. It is one of the city’s oldest running shows, attracting many people throughout the day. 

You can check out their list of shows here. Also, with an I amsterdam City Card, you can get a 25% discount on the price tickets of this.

8. Do a Canal Cruise 

One of the most iconic activities in the very heart of the city is the canal cruise. 

Floating through the canals on a delightful cruise with delicious foods and nonstop slow-tempo music gets you rolling through the vibe. It’s a nice way to spend time alone. And it’s even better if you’re with someone.

A Canal Cruise in Amsterdam
Canal Cruise in Amsterdam | Credits: Metehan Demirkaya

The charges for a canal cruise depend on how long you’re taking the tour. For a 1-hour tour, keep a budget of over €50.

9. Visit the Hortus Botanicus Botanical Garden 

The Hortus botanica botanical garden is the oldest in Holland, dating to 1638. It has a comprehensive history along with the city. It is believed to be the house of many ancient trees from the Dutch East India Company period.

It was a house of all herbs collected by various doctors to treat various diseases. The organization even brought and collected various plants and seeds from all over the world. 

A casual visit to the garden is free for all visitors unless you intend to buy anything from inside. It is safe for a solo trip, as it is free from any animals or insects.

10. Experience the Amsterdam red light district walking tour

Yes! There it comes – the thing you’re mostly waiting for. Amsterdam has a red-light district and it’s quite well-known in the world. This adult-only tour gives you a trip down memory lane about the city. 

It takes approximately 2 hours for a trip down the museum of prostitution, wherein they showcase various history and tragic events from the past in the area. 

Set aside a budget for around €50-100 Euros for the trip down the lane. And yes, let me caution you by telling you it’s risky. There’s nothing more to add. Have fun but make sure to keep yourself safe.

11. Play ultimate Frisbee with a group in the streets

A pleasant way to enjoy the morning sun in Amsterdam is by playing a game of Frisbee with a bunch of strangers in the street. This way you can make some friends too and enjoy the game too.

There is a separate organization that arranges such sports and makes winning prize money to make it more competitive. It adds up to a morning workout routine and keeps you fresh. Also, it’s a great time to experience the morning cool breeze beside the canals of the streets. 

12. Take part in a guided kayaking tour

This is an exciting tour for all the visitors as you are sailing in a big houseboat. The guide lectures you about the history and many other stories and antique tales about the country.

It’s an educational tour for all those bookworms. The average cost for this tour is over €100.   

13. Visit Anne Frank’s house

Your trip to Amsterdam can’t be completed without visiting the Anne Frank museum. The story of this brave woman is truly fascinating. 

It’s situated in the city’s core and the small house is easily accessible from any part of the city. The entry fee is quite affordable at just about €15 for an adult. in which you get a guided tour from some expert history teacher, thus giving complete detail about her lifestyle. 

14. Visit the Johan Cruyff Arena stadium

Love football? Then you must visit the home stadium of the football club Ajax. As a football fan, it’s a must. The stadium is named after the legend Johan Cruijff. 

It holds glimpses of past golden memories about the club and the history of Holland’s football. 

A trip to the ground along with the dugout with the guide is the best thing to conclude your journey with. Entry to the stadium starts from over €15 per adult under normal rates. 

I amsterdam City Card

With the I amsterdam CityCard (not an affiliate link) you can unlock discounts and free entries at popular attractions in this city.

For example, you get free access to many museums in the city, discounts on bike tours, and canal tours among many other things. 

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As promised in the beginning, here’s a downloadable checklist of the things to do in Amsterdam. You can keep it on your phone and refer to it.

14 things to do in amsterdam checklist